Rare Money 
Role: Designer
Team: Kyosuke Nishida (Design Director), John Yeon (Designer) at Public Address, 2022
Branding, Identity System, Motion
Rare Money is an upcoming finance content brand founded by Donut Media. Since 2015, Donut Media has found viral success explaining everything car related to non-gearheads and amateur enthusiasts. 
Their new venture Rare Money's goal is to do the same for the finance media landscape - disrupt it. They empower the younger generation by breaking down everything that is inaccessible about traditional finance media into more digestible content through their YouTube Channel. 
Financial literacy as an emerging form of currency & power: the brand mark merges a modified "R" currency symbol, now disrupted by a slash, with ticker tapes, the earliest communication medium of finance information. 
The identity system takes the idea of the modernized version of a digital ticker tape and stretches its usage ability across applications to build out the always expanding Rare Money brand world, by introducing a dot matrix grid.
The ticker tape inspired type system is used for YouTube lower thirds and kinetic typography. 
The colour palette is selected from a full range of colours that are used in bank notes internationally and historically.

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