A visual system for the National Weather Festival, an event hosted by the University of Oklahoma open to professional meteorologists and non-professionals. 
Meteorologists are weather professionals recording and analyzing data from satellites and radars to help them report weather predictions. 
Creating dual set of logos to communicate to both weather professionals and amateurs attending the festival. 
For the second logo, giving a tone and texture to the festival was achieved through using a 20th century typeface that alludes to the arid landscapes of Western films, and its themes of the individual's interaction with natural forces. 

Working with layering 20th century images from the Institution's own national archive, the chosen typefaces highlight the academic field for its national and global impact as a point of heritage and pride for the region. Centralizing striking image-making and making a strong connection between the institution's well documented history, and our shared present, as professionals and non-professionals were key objectives of the project for me. 
The chosen images relates to the origins of weather data, which had analogue origins. Weather professionals transform analogue data into educational, digestible information anyone with a weather app can understand.

Layouts are arranged in kitschy and tactile ways to encourage amateur visitors of the festival to experience weather education in a more tactile manner.
Beige blocks showcase the expanded information that appears after the viewer clicks on the individual articles, which are indexed with their titles on white blocks.
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