Knocktwice Karaoke
Branding, Identity System
The Future of Karaoke: A High Fidelity Karaoke Experience 
At Knocktwice, the uninhibited private karaoke experience is joined with the dance club experience within the modular rooms and world class audio system.
Knocktwice, situated in a residential district of Toronto, provides immersive karaoke rooms which are designed upon different concepts in the private rooms and boasts of a wide selection of music genres, languages and settings. Karaoke goers' can experience full escapism & fantasy while raving safely without leaving their home district. 
Knocktwice marries the high-fidelity, contemporary experience of raving with the private, homey experience of Asian karaoke rooms.
The typography, colour palette, and graphic element all take inspiration from karaoke screes' lyric subtitle letterforms, 90s computer graphic colours and countdown indicators.

Digitizing the karaoke experience with themed playlists that are viewable on the Knocktwice website & integrated into the karaoke machines.
Knocktwice transforms ordinary karaoke experiences into extraordinary, unforgettable night-outs. Memento keepsakes (guitar picks and receipt-like menus) are representative of this unfussy, uninhibited attitude to performing and dancing like no one's watching. ​​​​​​​
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