Knocktwice, situated in a residential district of Toronto, provides immersive karaoke rooms which are designed upon different concepts and boasts of a wide selection of music genres, languages and settings. At Knocktwice, the uninhibited private karaoke experience is joined with a trance-like clubbing experience within the modular rooms. 
Marrying the public experience of clubbing with the private experience of karaoke through an alluring tone in the brand identity. 
The glyph is designed to be used in large or small formats and takes inspiration from the countdown indicators on karaoke music videos. A heightened sense of anticipation and raw energy are conveyed through the leaping glyph.
When moving onto the application of the identity, the guitar pick and receipt-like menus are carrying the core concept of a night at Knocktwice. Mementos are representative faces of Knocktwice rather than, more packaged collectibles, in junction to highlight the uninhibited quality singing karaoke at Knocktwice offers.
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